Proudly funding Type 1 Diabetes research with a personal passion.

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When my son Aiden, was diagnosed with the disease at 25 months, life as we knew it would never be the same.  I had two choices: despondency or doing. I chose the doing and started the Cure4Type1 Foundation.

Insulin is his life support until a much needed cure is found. The urgency is necessary to preserve and prevent permanent organ damage and devastating complications.

For a parent of a child with Type 1, it is an hour-by-hour, day-by-day tight rope. Every morning that a child with Type 1 wakes up alive is a blessing.

Cure 4 Type 1 is a charitable foundation with a mission to raise awareness and the funding needed to support front line research into a cure for diabetes. Once found, a medical breakthrough of this magnitude could potentially make significant inroads into solving other autoimmune diseases.

Without funding, there is no research, and without research, a cure will never be found. We invite you to join us in keeping the brightest minds laser focused on this cause by giving today.