5 Training Tips

Our wonderful trainers over at DM Athletics have profided us with 5 essecntial training tips for the upcoming Beat the Bridge race. Running or walking, we can all benefit from pointers.

5 Training Tips for Beat the Bridge
Beat the Bridge event is an amazing event, us trainers at DM Athletics are here to give you some tips in order to stay healthy and perform your best on the day of the race.
First, improve your energy level.  There are two keys that we focus on--one being sleep and the other, nutrition.  Sleep is the most important piece to recovery, regeneration, and performance.  If you can sleep eight hours each night, you will be rested and ready to roll each morning.  The key here is consistently.  Getting a good night's rest each night, will prevent your performance from suffering.
Next, is nutrition.  Higher quality whole foods will be less taxing on your digestive system, and thus, your energy.  Our digestive system consumes a large portion of our energy--so when fed with quality nutrition, it will function more efficiently offering more energy and improved recovery.
Hydration cannot be overlooked.  We often advise our clients to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water daily.  This aids in the digestive system flushing things out of your body rapidly.  There are zero benefits to a body becoming dehydrated, so we must avoid the possibility at all costs. 
A proper warm up with a great dynamic stretching routine before exercise, will be the ideal preparation your body needs.  Don't forget that static stretching should be engaged in after all workouts.  As we ramp up for Beat the Bridge, we are offering complimentary workouts for the Cure 4 Type 1 team on Saturday mornings.  There, we will teach great warm up routines. 
Last but not least, pay special attention to your training plan.  Refrain from running long runs each day as preparation.  Because Beat the Bridge is 8 km long, we would recommend doing that distance once per week.  On the other days, incorporate shorter runs, while focusing on technique and improving your time within the shorter distance.  Running 8 km every day will burn you out and will prevent you from your best performance on the day of the event.  So let’s train hard, but especially smart so we can be successful.
Please contact Cure 4 Type 1 for complimentary workout information. To sign up for Cure 4 Type 1's Beat the Bridge team, please register here.


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